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More than two years since the outbreak of the pandemic, life is finally getting back to normal – or better said, the “new normal”. Although as humans, we are adaptable creatures, the powerful global circumstances of the past 24-months have led to world-wide modifications and adjustments in every area of our lives. Our work spaces were no different. As the workforce is starting to go back to the office-work regime again, after months and months of home office, we can’t help but wonder what is the future of our office spaces?

According to a number of studies conducted over the past few months, different approaches to the organisation and design of workplaces will happen in 2022 and beyond. Some of these studies suggest a hybrid work organisation, some decentralisation and remote positions, while others opt for whole new workplace ecosystems. Regardless of which of these concepts best suits you, as an employer or business owner, here are 6 trends that every office design should follow in the upcoming years.

  1. Green Offices – Indoor Vegetation and Natural Materials

The well-being of employees is probably the most important request that future offices should fulfil. The introduction of vegetation and natural tactile surfaces, such as wood or stone is the best way to accomplish this. Bright and airy spaces with enough natural daylight will greatly impact the comfort, focus and productivity of your staff. 

  1. Sustainability

During the home-office work period, the emission of CO2 was reduced, as well as the overall impact humans had on nature. Now more than ever, sustainability should be an integral part of both architectural and interior design. The environment, employees and economy of your business can benefit greatly from this initiative. Material efficiency, the introduction of materials with a lower level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), recycled materials, great indoor insulation and presence sensors are just some of the design methods to create an eco-friendly office.

  1. Noise Cancellation and Control

Staying focused and productive in busy spaces can be a highly ambitious task. Open-space offices are the epitome of a noisy place. Therefore, when planning the office of the future, keep in mind to plan quiet zones, designated spaces for zoom calls, and official and unofficial meetings, as well. Providing the maximum soundproofing in other areas of the office is a crucial step in the interior design. The introduction of acoustic panels and partition walls can improve soundproofing even in open space offices. 

  1. Flexibility (in the layouts and processes)

By allowing your personnel to choose where and with whom they will be completing their tasks, you will be enabling them to feel more empowered, productive and focused. This is why undesignated desks, gathering spaces, open air spaces (terraces), café-style canteens and other less formal working areas should be taken into consideration when creating new office layouts. Adaptable office spaces can be achieved by introducing modular furniture and movable partition walls. Of course, more formal zones such as meeting rooms are an integral part of office spaces, so keep them in mind as well. Nonetheless, office space designs should allow flexibility and freedom of movement for all employees and facilitate task completion on their own terms.


  1. Colour Tendencies

We can’t be talking about trends in interior design without mentioning trending colours. Neutral colours such as grey and beige are always safe options. They are perfect for zones where employees are focusing and concentrating. On the other hand, bright yellow should be used in areas of activity and amusement e.g. chill zones.

Natural-coloured materials such as wood and tiles are a good choice and go perfectly with the “green office” tendencies. Talking about green, this hue brings harmony, making a calming and overall positive impact on the human brain.

  1. Bringing home comforts into the workplace

This one has been creeping in more and more, but especially after so much working from home a clear trend for the office in 2022 would be to bring in aspects of home comfort to workplaces. As we’ve touched on, having flexible spaces can include areas such as breakout spaces, which should have more comfortable seating, warm lighting and even snacks. These spaces are great for more casual meetings, brainstorming sessions or chill out zones.

If you need help in designing or redesigning your office premises, especially if you’d like to incorporate some of these design trends into your workspace, we at The Think Contemporary Team have the expertise and passion to create the perfect office environment in the new year. Contact us today to speak to one of our designers.