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So we are going to take a look at joinery this week and give you an insight into how it adds both functionality and design to a space. I think we all know that off the shelf furniture doesn’t work for every space in your home and this is where joinery comes into it’s own.

So, what is joinery? Well it is furniture that is either fitted or loose that is specifically designed and manufactured for your space and to your requirements. It can be made in a multitude of materials including fabric elements and designed to your colour palette.

We are going to look at a number of different options on how joinery can be integrated into your home and how it can elevate the space.  

Alcoves are a very common space where joinery can be used as it fully utilises the space. In our Grand Canal Project we had 3 alcoves running along the one wall which we treated differently. A TV unit and floating shelves was designed for one, a larger dresser for the second and a banquet seat and shelving for the third. Always think about what the space is lacking and what is needed and then work from there.

When thinking about designing a unit for an alcove space it doesn’t have to be built in. We designed a free standing TV unit in our Blackrock project but the unit was angled at the front so that it worked better in the space. A piece of furniture off the shelf just wasn’t going to work here.

The headboard in the master bedroom in the same project, was designed to give this bedroom a focal point and a strong design detail. However it is not all fashion over function, there is shoe storage incorporated into it as our client was lacking storage space in their wardrobe. Good design should always incorporate functional elements, as this is what makes a space work.

There are a number of joinery elements in this bedroom from the panelling detail to the wardrobes. The panelling was very much a design detail but our clients didn’t want standard wardrobes. Firstly, they have very high ceilings and we wanted to maximise the storage but they also had very specific requirement for the interior of the units. We designed bespoke wardrobes that were tailored to the exact needs of our client from shoe storage to jewellery drawers. 

Bathrooms can be tricky especially when it comes to vanity units. Either they are not the correct size or they don’t have enough storage. They are also extremely expensive and getting a custom made one can work out around a similar price and it is exactly what you want. We designed the vanity unit in our Blackrock Project for our client, as we were not able to source a suitable one off the shelf.

If you are looking to add joinery to your home which is a great idea for any modern interior design, then get in touch with our expert interior designers in Dublin to speak about our award winning services.