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Do you shy away from bright colours? Having worked in the Office Design sector for a number of years, we have met many clients who are afraid to introduce too much colour into their office space. Whether this is a personal preference or a feeling that it could distract staff, it is widely felt.

If you are one of our followers, you will know that we are great lovers of colour and try to bring it into all of our projects.

Here are some amazing interiors that really pack a punch:

Bumble Offices, Austin. Image Source: Office Snapshots

Capital One Kitchen Offices, San Francisco. Image Source: Office Snapshots

Agilyx Offices, Sydney. Image Source: Office Snapshots

Scott Technology Centre, Omaha. Image Source: Office Snapshots

Linked In, New York. Image Source: Office Snapshots

Liveperson Office, New York. Image Source: Office Snapshots

Autodesk Office, Denver. Image Source: Office Snapshots

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